Computational Genomics Summer Institute 2019

The 2019 UCLA Computational Genomics Summer Institute.CGSI brings together mathematical and computational scientists, sequencing technology developers in both industry and academia, and the biologists who use the instruments for particular research applications. Research talks, workshops, journal clubs, and social events provide a unique opportunity to foster interactions between these three communities over an extended period of time and advance the mathematical foundations of this exciting field.

SHORT PROGRAM #1: July 15 – 19, 2019
SHORT PROGRAM #2: July 29 – August 2, 2019
LONG PROGRAM: July 10 – August 2, 2019

@ UCLA Campus, Los Angeles
Visit our website to learn more: CGSI 2019
Check out the schedule from last year: CGSI 2018

The application is open now!
Apply now for this upcoming summer’s Short and Long Courses:

The regular registration deadline to apply for the 2019 programs is March 1st, 2019.
In 2015, Profs. Eleazar Eskin (UCLA), Eran Halperin (UCLA), John Novembre (The University of Chicago), and Ben Raphael (Brown University) created the Computational Genomics Summer Institute (CGSI). A collaboration with the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), CGSI aims to build a community focused on methods development in Bioinformatics.

The 2019 CGSI Organizers

CGSI Program Co-directors:
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA
Eran Halperin, UCLA
Dima Shlyakhtenko, UCLA IPAM

CGSI Organizing Committee:
Jessica (Jingyi) Li, UCLA
Sriram Sankararaman, UCLA
David Koslicki, Oregon State University
Eran Halperin, UCLA
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA

The 2016, 2017 and 2018 programs were a huge success – we hope you will be a part of the program this summer!
You can see our 2018 schedule with the videos here.

Social Programs from previous years includes:
Concert at the Hollywood Bowl
Bike rides along the Pacific Coast
Retreat in the Mountains

2019 Faculty
(Additional faculty will be added in the next few months)
Can Alkan, Bilkent University
David Anastasiu, San Jose State University
Valerie Arboleda, UCLA
Sharon Aviran, UC Davis
Vineet Bafna, UCSD
Lisa Bastarache, Vanderbilt University
Dan Benjamin, USC
Gillian Belbin, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Ran Blekhman, University of Minnesota
Paul Boutros, UCLA
Na Cai, EBI
Shai Carmi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Rayan Chikhi, CNRS
Karen Conneely, Emory University
Nancy Cox, Vanderbilt University
Jason Ernst, UCLA
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA
Jonathan Flint, UCLA
Nandita Garud, UCLA
Simon Gravel, McGill University
Eran Halperin, UCLA
Jo Hardin, Pomona College
Fereydoun Hormozdiari, UC Davis
Haky (Hae Kyung) Im, University of Chicago
Iuliana Ionita, Columbia University
Hyun Min Kang, University of Michigan
Eimear Kenny, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
David Koslicki, Oregon State University
Smita Krishnaswamy, Yale University
Jessica (Jingyi) Li, UCLA
Jian Ma, CMU
Anna Spafo Malaspina, SIB
Jonathan Marchini, Regeneron Genetics Center
Siavash Mir Arabbaygi, UCSD
Quaid Morris, University of Toronto
Magnus Nordborg, GMI, Austria
John Novembre, University of Chicago
Layla Oesper, Carleton College
Bogdan Pasaniuc, UCLA
Ben Raphael, Princeton University
Saharon Rosset, Tel Aviv University
Sushmita Roy, WID
Cenk Sahinalp, Indiana University Bloomington
Sriram Sankararaman, UCLA
Michael Schatz, Johns Hopkins University
Alexander Schönhuth, CWI, Amsterdam
Sagiv Shifman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sagi Snir, University of Haifa
Jae-Hoon Sul, UCLA
Fabio Vandin, University of Padova
Peter Vischer, University of Queensland, Australia
Naomi Wray, University of Queensland, Australia
Yi Xing, UCLA
Alex Zelikovsky, Georgia State University
James Zou, Stanford University
Or Zuk, Hebrew University

Computational Genomics Summer Institute – Apply Today


CGSI – extended application deadline

Rolling admissions are starting March 15th.
Registration Fee:

$550 apply by April 1st
$650 apply by April 15th
$750 apply after April 15th
Subsidized housing for CGSI is guaranteed for anyone who applied by April 15th.  Housing for applicants who apply after April 15th will be given on a first come first serve basis subject to availability.

We have filled most of the slots in the 2018 CGSI Long Course, however, there are still a few available slots.
The long program has been a huge success last year and many people were not able to be admitted as they did not apply on time – make sure that this year you are not left behind!
There are also still available spaces in the 2018 CGSI Short Course.
Register now to get the lower rate and subsidized housing.

SHORT PROGRAM #1: July 16 – 20, 2018
SHORT PROGRAM #2: July 30 – August 3, 2018
LONG PROGRAM: July 11 – August 3, 2018

@ UCLA Campus, Los Angeles
Visit our website to learn more.

The application is open!

Apply now for this upcoming summer’s Short and Long Courses:



Watch the best talks in 2018 CGWI

Our first offering of the Computational Genomics Winter Institute was a success. In our feedback survey, we asked the participants to pick three talks they wanted to highlight on our website. We would first like to emphasize that the feedback we got was that all the talks in CGWI were excellent. But we are happy to announce that the ones that received the most votes are the talks of Brian Browning, Casey Greene, Su-In Lee, and John Novembre. We now have links to these videos highlighted on the front page of CGWI for easy access, and links to all of the talks are also available at the CGSI website.

Su-In Lee: “Interpretable Machine Learning for Precision Medicine.”

Casey Greene: “Deep learning: privacy preserving data sharing along with some hints and tips.”

John Novembre: “Computational tools for understanding geographic structure in genetic variation data.”

The 2018 CGSI Organizers

CGSI Co-organizers:
Fereydoun Hormozdiari, UC Davis
David Koslicki, Oregon State University
Kirk Lohmueller, UCLA
Ran Blekhman, University of Minnesota

CGSI Program Co-directors:
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA
Eran Halperin, UCLA
Dima Shlyakhtenko, UCLA IPAM

CGSI Steering Committee
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA
Eran Halperin, UCLA
John Novembre, University of Chicago
Ben Raphael, Princeton University

UCLA Computational Genomics Summer Institute

ipam-logoDear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the UCLA Computational Genomics Summer Institute, which is a new National Institutes of Health funded program at UCLA jointly hosted with the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM). The program will take place each summer for one month. The dates for 2016 are July 18th – August 12th.

The program focuses on providing training in methodology development for genomics. We hope that it will be of interest to researchers at all levels. Our program builds upon a successful program hosted by IPAM in 2011 on “Mathematical and Computational Approaches in High Throughput Biology.” IPAM is a national math institute funded by the National Science Foundation.

The program consists of two parts. The first part (July 18th – July 22nd) is the Short Program which is in the format of a short course consisting of lectures from leading researchers in computational genomics. The short program is appropriate for researchers at all levels including both researchers actively involved in methodology development as well as other researchers who want to incorporate a methodology development aspect to their research program.

The second part (July 21st – August 12th) is the Long Program which is a continuation of the Short Program. The program is in the style of a typical long program hosted at IPAM where participants have opportunity to interact and collaborate with each other as well as the leading researchers who will serve as program faculty. The program is targeted toward senior trainees such as senior students or post-docs through established researchers.

Researchers at all levels — students, post-docs, staff researchers, as well as junior and senior faculty — are encouraged to participate in the program. Funding is available to support faculty and participant costs during the program. Because space is limited in the program, we are requiring interested participants and potential program faculty to apply as soon as possible.

Application materials are available on the program website ( For questions about the program, interested individuals should email

The UCLA CGSI Organizing Committee
Eleazar Eskin, UCLA, CGSI Director
Russel Caflisch, UCLA. IPAM Director
Eran Halperin, Tel Aviv University
John Novembre, University of Chicago
Ben Raphael, Brown University