Correcting Population Structure using Mixed Models Webcast

Golden Helix yesterday hosted a excellent webcast on correcting population structure in association studies using mixed models and they highlighted our EMMA(10.1534/genetics.107.080101) and EMMAX(10.1038/ng.548) algorithms.  The webcast was given by Greta Peterson and is available at  The webcast is a great overview of mixed models applied to population structure in general as well as specifically how to use the Golden Helix software to use mixed models in association studies.

A interesting aspect of the story is that we found out about the webcast from an email advertising that they will cover the EMMAX algorithm.  It turns out that there were 863 people registered for the webcast which surpassed their previous record (for a webcast on NGS) by almost 100!  It is exciting to see how much interest there is in mixed models and in our EMMA paper which we published in 2008.

On our website, we have a bunch of resources for mixed models including the EMMA, EMMAX and ICE softwares.  We recently posted an overview of mixed models here.  Below is a list of our papers related to mixed models.


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