Why a blog?

After more than 6 years at UCLA constantly struggling to update our always out dated website, we are moving in a new direction and decided to start a blog for our research group. Exactly how this will work out, we are not sure.

As a group, in addition to our published papers, we have released software, teaching materials, seminar videos and slides, and links to news stories related to our research. However, most of our materials other than our research papers are virtually impossible to find. The blog will serve as a central place for this information. We also hope that the blog allows us to get more information out there including our ideas for undergraduate and graduate education. Finally, we hope that the blog provides a forum for the community of users who use some of our software tools and teaching materials to communicate with us and each other.

Over the next few months we will be posting both new stuff as well as older content that we feel is still relevant. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

5 Replies to “Why a blog?”

  1. Buhm

    Hey this web site looks really great! Who made this and who’s managing it? At least I can leave a comment here!

  2. richradbarrett

    I think that this idea is a step in the right direction. Blogs can be exceptionally useful when it comes to wishing to share information and other resources. It will also be easier with more people able to monitor and update the blog on a regular basis. Good luck to you. PhD Blog

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